AEC (Aradhya Engineers and Construction Private Limited) flourishes with its technical capacities, built over last several years with strong will power, to give worth to clients. This is the premise for establishing a culture of engagement in AEC group credo. Perfecting past knowledge AEC recapitulate this expertise to perform better & faster. Collaborative engagement creates innovation, which ultimately creates a substantial & better future. This underlines AEC bunch quest for perfection is only a sign of accomplishing client delight.


AEC develops innovative solutions to build roads, administrative buildings, schools & colleges, guest-house, Ashrams and other projects for both public and private clients. We deliver projects through a variety of contracting methods, including design-build and public private partnerships.

AEC Founded in 2004, delivers successful projects across Uttrakhand, India. AEC as an highly emerging construction company has grown geographically & economically over the years. It continues to grow across public and private sectors with good number of staff members mainly operating across Uttrakhand and in other parts of India.


We are committed to create a remarkable product in a competitive cost. We are committed to nurture high standards in skills and integrity in our team members. We committed to the safety of our staff. We are commitment to ecologically friendly structure which is our responsibility to words our environment and society . Also very much important, we believe in our values as a company important to us and to you as the quality of our product. We will consistently treat customers and company resources with the respect they deserve.